Avacen 100?

On a day when I’ve deliberately stayed in bed in order to sleep and rejuvenate after several weeks of running and excitement, I know that I’m too tired and too sore because I’m looking at the easy way out. No, not offing or drugging myself – both are probably counter-productive. I ran into a “medical device” while looking at some research on circulation as it pertains to people with fibromyalgia, and it looks….interesting. Has anyone used an Avacen 100?

Here’s the link: <https://avacen.com/brochures/&gt;

Essentially, from what I can tell, it’s a device that you put your hands in, and it takes away the pain in your body. It doesn’t say it’s a cure for fibro, but it’s supposed to be a drug-free pain reliever. Can I get feedback from anyone?

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