Can You Just Peel My Skin Off and Get It Over With?

Lately I’ve been distracted by my own skin. Sometimes it feels like my skin is my whole problem, and if I could just get rid of my skin, I’d feel sooo much better. The people I’m around everyday probably wouldn’t agree and would discourage me from shedding my largest organ.

So what’s with my skin. I think the “white noise” type pain that I feel pretty much 24/7 and which usually comes at low levels (maybe 2 or 3 on the pain scale, 8 or 9 on the relentlessness scale), really stems from my skin. That’s the pain that really drains me of energy. Sometimes if my significant other rubs my back or arms or feet, it feels like my skin is peeling off. I am probably right about being pretty immature for my age because my skin is definitely that of an adolescent – with the wrinkles of a middle-aged woman. I can’t use moisturizers because I break out or the perfume gives me headaches. I can’t use conditioner on my hair or nice shampoos that would make my thin(ning) hair perk up and look glamorous because the chemicals make my scalp break out. I have to use medicated shampoo even though I don’t have a dandruff issue. My skin’s a mess! I’m wondering if it’s a “fibro thing” or if my sensitivities to chemicals is the “fibro thing” or if it’s all just me overreacting to discomfort.

It’s time to start researching again, dive back into my pile of articles that are not quite read. I’m going to start with skin and see if I can figure out any connections. While I’ve been out, there’s been another “breakthrough” for fibro having to do with arteriole-venule shunts, but this is research that actually started at least around 2014. It’s been rediscovered and I think some new information is available. I’m going to start there.  I have an article talking about the shunts and glaborous skin. Don’t ask me what that’s all about, but I’ll find out and let you know. Glaborous skin… I think I have a lot of that.

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