There is a journal called Mediators of Inflammation. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but an article in the 2014 edition is fascinating:  “Smoking is Associated with Reduced Leptin and Neuropeptife Y Levels and Higher Pain Experience in Patients with Fibromyalgia” (Bokarewa, et al).  I know, sounds pretty dry, and it is.  However, the bottom line is important.  Smoking increases pain from fibromyalgia.  If you have fibromyalgia, smoking will not decrease the pain, won’t relax you, won’t benefit at all.  Nicotine is the offending chemical, suppressing natural opioids in the body which suppress pain.  Here’s my question:

The article says that “prolonged exposure to low levels of nicotine” triggers the mechanisms that reduce pain inhibition.  How low do these levels have to be?  How prolonged?  There are studies that indicate that third-hand smoke (smoke on clothing and in hair, furniture, etc) is as toxic (to children at least) as second-hand smoke.  Can continuous exposure to third-hand smoke cause these mechanisms to kick into gear?  Can passive smoking cause fibromyalgia pain to increase?  It’s a question…

Remarkably, I find today that I can’t raise my right arm or extend either arm fully.  At all.  Why?  Because of the 40 ring pull-ups, the 40 front squats, the 45 kettle bell swings, and the 70 burpees I did last night.  I was supposed to have hit 85 burpees, but both my mind and body rebelled.  70 was an accomplishment.  It was all an accomplishment.  Last night was my second post-bootcamp graduation exercise group.  We’re the Silver Nanos.  We’re over 40 and we can do all that without dying right there on the spot.

What I learned by going through an extreme exercise bootcamp is that exercising beyond my capacity does not injure me.  It hurts and very often I hate it while I do it, but afterwards when I can’t lift my right arm or straighten my arm or I fall out of my car because I can’t quite trust my noodle legs, I have a REASON for it.  I’m sitting there thinking, “But I didn’t do anything!”  No, I’m sitting here today thinking, “Yup, I did all that.  No wonder I got aches.  Ain’t it great?”  It is great and it is something that light exercise and stretching never did for me.  I haven’t figured out why that is, but it’s one of my questions.  Why in the world can I not walk around a lake without extreme pain and exhaustion afterwards but I can do 40 RPUs, 40 FSs, 45 KBSs, and 70 burpees, and feel energized, even if a little too sore?  It’s a question.  I’m going to solve this mystery.  Stay tuned.


Hello fellow wanderers.  As you can see in my fine print disclaimer, this site is dedicated to the discussion of fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue… Sounds fascinating doesn’t it?  You can see that most of the site is blank – content coming soon.

Chicken or the Egg: In which we will explore which comes first – chronic pain or chronic fatigue? chronic pain or depression? chronic pain or sleeping disorder? and any other pertinent possibilities.

The Sorcerer’s Cauldron: In which we will explore some of the different chemicals/hormones that have been associated with fibromyalgia and what that association might be.

The Gravity Conundrum: In which we explore exercise, types and intensity, and its effect on pain management, pain types, and pain intensity.

Triggers without Weapons: In which we explore some of the suggested origins or triggers of fibromyalgia.  Is it a new phenomenon or can we look back at some of those crazy women in the attic?

Be the Boss:  In which we explore management options.  Diet? Exercise? Pain pills? Yes?

The Gamemaster:  In which we explore the power of the mind and its impact on fibromyalgia.

Library:  A reference list of journal articles, books, anything that piques my curiosity.

Since I am at heart always balancing between optimism and pessimism, I am going under the assumption that no one will ever see what I post on here, thus I will indulge myself and follow my nose wherever it goes.  If you do happen to stumble on this site, please feel free to question, suggest,  request, rant, rave, and generally join in on the discussion….

Signed, Dee Dee Darkly