Hello fellow wanderers.  As you can see in my fine print disclaimer, this site is dedicated to the discussion of fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue… Sounds fascinating doesn’t it?  You can see that most of the site is blank – content coming soon.

Chicken or the Egg: In which we will explore which comes first – chronic pain or chronic fatigue? chronic pain or depression? chronic pain or sleeping disorder? and any other pertinent possibilities.

The Sorcerer’s Cauldron: In which we will explore some of the different chemicals/hormones that have been associated with fibromyalgia and what that association might be.

The Gravity Conundrum: In which we explore exercise, types and intensity, and its effect on pain management, pain types, and pain intensity.

Triggers without Weapons: In which we explore some of the suggested origins or triggers of fibromyalgia.  Is it a new phenomenon or can we look back at some of those crazy women in the attic?

Be the Boss:  In which we explore management options.  Diet? Exercise? Pain pills? Yes?

The Gamemaster:  In which we explore the power of the mind and its impact on fibromyalgia.

Library:  A reference list of journal articles, books, anything that piques my curiosity.

Since I am at heart always balancing between optimism and pessimism, I am going under the assumption that no one will ever see what I post on here, thus I will indulge myself and follow my nose wherever it goes.  If you do happen to stumble on this site, please feel free to question, suggest,  request, rant, rave, and generally join in on the discussion….

Signed, Dee Dee Darkly


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