Remarkably, I find today that I can’t raise my right arm or extend either arm fully.  At all.  Why?  Because of the 40 ring pull-ups, the 40 front squats, the 45 kettle bell swings, and the 70 burpees I did last night.  I was supposed to have hit 85 burpees, but both my mind and body rebelled.  70 was an accomplishment.  It was all an accomplishment.  Last night was my second post-bootcamp graduation exercise group.  We’re the Silver Nanos.  We’re over 40 and we can do all that without dying right there on the spot.

What I learned by going through an extreme exercise bootcamp is that exercising beyond my capacity does not injure me.  It hurts and very often I hate it while I do it, but afterwards when I can’t lift my right arm or straighten my arm or I fall out of my car because I can’t quite trust my noodle legs, I have a REASON for it.  I’m sitting there thinking, “But I didn’t do anything!”  No, I’m sitting here today thinking, “Yup, I did all that.  No wonder I got aches.  Ain’t it great?”  It is great and it is something that light exercise and stretching never did for me.  I haven’t figured out why that is, but it’s one of my questions.  Why in the world can I not walk around a lake without extreme pain and exhaustion afterwards but I can do 40 RPUs, 40 FSs, 45 KBSs, and 70 burpees, and feel energized, even if a little too sore?  It’s a question.  I’m going to solve this mystery.  Stay tuned.

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