Not Giving Up

Just a quick note to let you know (whoever is out there and reading), I’m not giving up. Life has suddenly accelerated.  I’ve been working on my house so a very special person can come share my life with me, it’s spring so the garden is shouting at me, I’m working on changing my job yet again, trying mostly unsuccessfully to ignore the political swamp, working everyday, swimming twice a week, and when I’m not not doing that, I’m flat on my back going, “Ooooooohhhhhhhh.”

But I’m still working on my quest for understanding fibro better. I’m currently looking at a blood test for fibro that’s being offered. I found out that while insurance companies are jumping on the bandwagon to cover this blood test, the medical institution I work for (in the laboratory medicine department which does blood tests) does not offer this test.  I want to find out why.  I also want to look into the blood test being offered for two reasons that aren’t necessarily for the betterment of the patient: 1) as a way to soothe a patient’s mind and stop him or her from bothering physicians for more tests; 2) as a way to tap into the fibro market and make some money off us. I know, both are pretty cynical, but I think it’s worth asking the question.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and stay tuned.  In June life will hopefully have slowed down a little and I can get back on track.  I have lots of articles staring at me, begging me to get reading.

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