It’s time for a pain inventory. Head to toe:

  • Lots of trouble with my eyes – dryness, pain, itchiness, blurriness
  • Neck – stiff and uncomfortable
  • Shoulders and between the shoulders – painful at rest and in motion, sharp pain raising arms, feels like arthritis
  • Arms – upper arms sore at rest like I’ve been lifting weights, elbow and wrist joints ache
  • Hands and fingers – swollen (ring tight), stiff, and sore at rest, in motion, and joints very tender to the touch
  • Spine – popping and crunching with movement, lower back disc pain
  • Hips – not too bad! Bursitis being kept in check with swimming, I think
  • Knees – swollen and sore, noisy – stairs are an issue
  • Calves – sharp pains
  • Ankles – swollen, right ankle extremely sore like a sprain without injury but not more swollen than the left ankle which is just a bit sore
  • Feet – swollen, joints tender to the touch, heels very sore
  • Psychological – difficulty concentrating, minor depression flare, high sensitivity levels
  • Fatigue is off the charts – major shortness of breath issues.

Source of flare? Stress? Dissatisfaction at work. House is ripped up and messy. Could be just the day of the week. Could be the weather shifting between spring and slipping back to winter now and then.

What to do about the flare?

I’ve been swimming twice a week – it feels good while I’m doing it even if it’s contributing to the arm/shoulder soreness. Muscles are getting used to the different movement.  If I stop, I’ll have to start from the beginning again.  Will swim through the flare, but I won’t start new exercise.  I’ll try to walk more at work.

I’m working on my house – I’m at the point that I can’t stop, for two reasons, I’m bringing someone into my home that helps me relax and be happy, and the mess is at a point of no return.  The stress of the mess contributes to the flare, so must work through it and fix the mess.

I’m going to work each day – no choice.  I’m a single income household. My dissatisfaction at work won’t be cured by getting fired. I am working on changing jobs to find something more stimulating and fulfilling, which adds to the stress and depression, but necessary evil to make things better.

What I will work on changing is food intake. My appetite is a bit out of control, and I feel like I’m gaining weight (no I don’t own a scale and won’t get one – don’t need the negative reinforcement). Increase protein, cut sugar, no more giving in to cravings. And I need to start taking my supplements daily again. I’ve been non-compliant with baby aspirin and only taking my antidepressant during the week.

Last night I switched out my CPAP mask for a new one which helped me sleep through the night last night.  I’ve been waking up fairly regularly and occasionally having trouble getting back to sleep.  A few nights of that will contribute to a flare.

There.  Inventory done. Now to get out of bed….

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