Questions, Questions, Questions….

When solving a puzzle, it helps to sort the pieces – make a pile of sky pieces or forest pieces, sea pieces, boat pieces, puppy pieces, etc.  So you dump the pieces on the floor and start sorting through and making piles.  Big pictures are compiled of little pictures and those little pictures have to connect together properly to make the big picture, or you can end up with a yacht sailing in a forest sky.  To gather fibromyalgia pieces into little interconnecting pictures takes questions….

  • How does the endocrine system connect to the central nervous system?
  • How is the endocrine system connected to brain function?
  • Which chemicals do thyroid levels affect?  Is there one hormone or chemical that would cause other imbalances?
  • How are rheumatological symptoms affected by hormone levels?
  • What areas does metabolic deficiency affect?  Does metabolic deficiency extend to hormones? Are hormones metabolized? How are they processed/metabolized?
  • How much does water retention or inflammation play a role?  Would it be worthwhile to have a water load test to check for capillary permeability?  How does that actually connect to the sympathetic nervous system and then to the central nervous system?
  • How does the thyroid utilization theory (or thyroid resistance) connect to gray matter/rheumatoid/chemical imbalances?
  • Do the symptoms of autoimmune thyroid line up better with fibro symptoms as opposed to thyroid utilization (or thyroid resistance)?  Which is closer?
  • What chemicals “cause” aging?  Are they the chemicals that are out of whack and cause fibro symptoms?  Is aging caused by a reduction of chemicals or an increase in chemicals?
  • What is actually the psychological connection to chronic pain?  Disorder of perceptual organization? Early psychological trauma?
  • If mitochondria is really changed in the course of experiencing chronic pain, can it be changed back to normal?  If gray matter is reduced in the course of experiencing chronic pain, can it be changed back to normal?

There are more questions, but it takes a bit of knowledge to know what questions to ask.  So onward…..

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