Remember how on Tuesday I was feeling great even though I didn’t have a reasonable explanation for feeling great?  Yeah, that’s over with.  My lower back, hips, and legs are completely out of control.  Pain is radiating down my legs, through my abdomen – I feel like I’m sitting on wooden blocks!  Standing doesn’t help.  I just discovered walking only helps if I’m moving (carefully – no sudden corners), but I can’t stop or it’s worse.  I am officially in the column of financial burden to my employer.  I stayed home yesterday after not sleeping Wednesday night, and today I think I’m as useless as bellybutton jelly.  I seriously have checked to see if I’m sitting on something clunky because my hips hurt so much.

BUT this too shall pass.  AND I live in a safe, peaceful place.  There are more blessings than curses in this world – they’re just sometimes harder to see.  Hypervigilance be gone!  I have no need of you – you’re just distracting.

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