Sympathomimetic Amines

It’s a good thing I like words.  One of the things I’ve always wondered about was if I could get all the fluid out of my joints and wherever else it’s not supposed to be, would I feel better?  I’ve found a study that says yes. Check et al (see library) talks about how when people stand, the fluids in their bodies aren’t flushed out the way they’re supposed to be when they have a deficit in the sympathetic nervous system (creating increased “capillary permeability”).  That’s really simplistic, but it boils down to hands and feet and legs swelling throughout the day.  They mention that they have been able to help people with rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pelvic pain, peripheral vascular disease, and other conditions.  While they mention chronic pain conditions such as fibromyaglia, they don’t offer anecdotal experience with fibro.

First of all, I remember back when I was a teenager complaining that I couldn’t make a fist because my hands were all swollen.  By the end of the day now I have swollen hands and feet.  My legs don’t generally swell – I’ve only noticed cankles after a long day at a tradeshow.  It’s noticeable enough that I have trouble wearing rings and buying shoes (as well as keeping my shoes on throughout the day).  Once when I had a chronically swollen ankle, the rheumatic doctor drew quite a bit of fluid out of it to test.  As soon as the fluid was gone, the swelling disappeared and the pain went away.  I did ask if he could just do that to all my joints, but he declined.

Second, what they are talking about is a dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system, which I’ve seen mentioned more than once regarding fibromyalgia, since it is a dysfunction of the central nervous system.  I need to see if there is some connection here.

Third, they have a cure.  But it kind of scares me.  Dextroamphetamine sulfate.  It’s what you give kids with ADHD.  Of course, by its name I would say it’s sulfa based, which means I can’t take it.  However, they not only have a test (water load test), but a cure as well.  Worth looking at…

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