Too Late.

I’m still working on the thyroid problem.  Remarkably, I found two articles, one from 2012 which abstract ended with “…maybe there is more than a hypothesis regarding the cause-effect relation between thyroid autoimmunity and the presence of [fibromyalgia], thus suggesting a hypothetical role of thyroid autoimmunity in [fibromyalgia] pathogenesis.”  In other words, the bodies of people with fibromyalgia are probably fighting thyroid hormone, which then causes fibromyalgia.  A second article is from 2004, yes, 12 years ago and 8 years prior to the other article.  Their abstract ended with “Our results suggest an association between [fibromyalgia] and thyroid autoimmunity” – in fact their odds ratio for a relationship between the two is 95% (2012, Bazzichi et al; 2004, Ribeiro and Proietti, see library later).

This is what I’m seeing over and over.  Not quite identical studies essentially looking at pretty close to identical questions about fibromyalgia, years apart, and then **poof** nothing.  I’ll keep looking, but honestly, my spirits are dropping a little.

Even if I could find something, how do I get a doctor to agree to testing and treatment?  It’s too late to become a doctor myself.  Why are the questions about fibromyalgia more intriguing to doctors than the answers?  Why isn’t the focus on treatment?  Why are the treatment options so…. Namby Pamby?  Okay, done feeling sorry for myself.  I’ll keep digging, keep reporting, and maybe one day I’ll know enough to sit down and have an intelligent conversation with someone open to talking with me about possible options beyond drugs and stretching.


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