Happy 2021 – Begone 2020

I’m not actually angry with 2020. There are actually a lot of positive things that happened in 2020 on the whole personally, socially, politically, etc etc etc. Hopefully we (society) can take the good things – such as learning about what’s truly important in life and coming up with innovative ways to work and keep in touch with family and friends – and build on them in the coming months while we wait for our vaccines. Personally, I’m going to focus on my own little corner of the world. It’s like I’m living in a messy closet right now. A little organization and cleaning is in order. Until my closet is in order and without a layer of dog hair on the floor, I can’t expend the energy on anyone else’s closet. There’s a Bible verse about removing the mote in your own eye before you try to take out the mote in someone else’s eye – I don’t remember the verse exactly, but only because of the word “mote.” I had to look that one up way back when and it stuck with me. I think that verse should be the anthem for 2021. Essentially stop being judgmental, fix your corner of the world. I’ve always said, if everyone fixed their corner of the world, the world would be beautiful. Instead lately we’ve been gnawing at everyone else’s motes.

So my goal – not to be confused with resolution: Clean up my closet, inside and out, top to bottom, until it shines. Of course when it shines I’ll have to start over because that dog hair gets everywhere, but I’ll be able to expand the scope by bits. That’s all. That’s how I’m going to spend 2021.

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