Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day that does not usually get a lot of attention from me.  This year is different, however, with the addition of a very important person, Mr. B.  Love and acceptance is the best support anyone can have, and for people with fibro, it’s like air.  I’ve never had the unconditional love and acceptance that he gives me. After two divorces and years of loneliness, I’m only just starting to believe in the possibility.

For all you fibro and chronic pain sufferers out there, today can be a rough day. Chronic pain can be a relationship killer, and usually the person with chronic pain is going to be the one blaming himself or herself. I’ve been a failure at relationships my whole life, but there’s one thing I know: Be your own valentine before trying to be someone else’s.  Love yourself, unconditionally.  Accept you as you are, because you are wonderful.

I hope you all have someone who makes you feel loved and special.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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