Top 10

I keep looking at the list of additional diagnoses, thinking there must be a pattern somewhere…  It seems like the top 10 diagnoses mentioned by the 126 people who responded would be either secondary diagnoses (consequences of fibromyalgia) which would give an insight to what the majority of people with fibro are dealing with, OR triggers (things that bring on fibro symptoms) which would give an insight to management.  Instead it’s more complicated.

Here are the top 10 additional diagnoses (c = consequence of fibro; p = possible primary diagnosis; t = trigger for fibro symptoms):

depression 52 c
anxiety/panic disorder 49 c
arthritis (rheumatoid/osteo/psoriatic) 50 p/t
chronic headaches/migraines 39 c/t
IBS/IBS-C 28 c/t
sleep apnea/insomnia 27 c/t
degenerative disc disease 25 p/t
post traumatic stress disorder 19 c/p/t
asthma 18 p/t
chronic fatigue syndrome 15 c/p

I know the c/p/t categorization is arbitrary and arguable.  Every one of these diagnoses can be considered a primary diagnosis.  All but CFS could be considered a trigger for fibro symptoms (it usually is a partner to fibro).  Sleep disorders are a complex vicious cycle – the lack of sleep can trigger fibro symptoms, but pain causes lack of restful sleep.  Arthritis and degenerative disc disease are definitely separate primary diagnoses, but as chronic pain conditions, they can trigger fibro symptoms too.

Maybe what’s interesting about this top 10 is what is NOT on it:

  1. Surgeries, which seem to be often cited as triggers for fibro symptoms did not make the top 10, even when all added together.
  2. Back conditions would be at the #1 position if they were all added together (59), and would include everything from congenital conditions to accidents and simple wear and tear on the spine.
  3. Skin conditions would have knocked CFS off the list (16) if they were all added together and include chronic shingles, psoriasis, etc.
  4. Allergies would have tied CFS if they were added together, including chemical sensitivities.
  5. Autoimmune, viral, and bacterial conditions still would not have made the list, even if added together.
  6. Gastric conditions would top the list if added together (55), but still not overtake back conditions.
  7. General pain disorders/descriptions (such as neuralgia or allodynia) would still be fairly low on the list (16) if all added together.
  8. Joint disorders would have made the list if added together (29), but if all joint disorders plus all forms of arthritis were added together, they would blow everything else away (104) EXCEPT psychological, which when combined is at 157.

Still thinking……

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