The Not-Flare Continues… I Think

Last week I ended up in the ER for a really solid pain in my right side back which turned out to be a kidney infection.  Good for me for walking into the ER and saying, I think I need help.  It’s not an easy thing to do.  There is always an underlying fear of someone saying well of course there’s nothing wrong with you and sending me on my way with a get-used-to-it attitude.  Very often I don’t seek help because of that fear.  If I ignore it, most likely it will go away.  Obviously not with a kidney infection, however.

I’m faced with another dilemma this morning.  The pain is back, and worse.  I’m on my last day of antibiotics and the pain is back.  I can’t take another day off work, so I’m sitting in the cafeteria before work trying to will the pain to go away.  But this time there is also a low-grade fever and mild nausea (although that could be the antibiotics – they haven’t been pleasant).  My current doctor is a bit disinterested.  I asked him last week why I keep coming up with infections and he has yet to get back to me.  The thought of the ER and missing more work is stressing me out, which then makes things worse.

Course of action:  Call the doctor’s office this morning and tell them about my symptoms.  The fever is new, and I don’t usually break into spontaneous fevers, so that may be an indication of something.  Hopefully I can get an appointment instead of sitting in the ER.  And then they can say, oh well, you still have all your organs?  We’ll just pop them all out of your gut and then you’ll be right as rain!  An internal amputation of everything that hurts.  Somehow, I think that may be a bit of a pipe dream.   Of course, I still think there’s something to a spine transplant.  That would be good, wouldn’t it?  Wish me luck…

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