Next Steps

So here I am at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center waiting to have an orientation and tour.  Places like these sort of make me sit back and think, “do I really belong here?”  Everyone seems so fit.  They can sit in chairs with arms without bumping their hips.  I’m not jammed into my seat, but…  They can walk up and down the stairs without holding the rail in case their knee buckles.  They can sit in these chairs for an extended period of time and not have to stretch out to let their joints pop and crackle before they can start to walk. They don’t have that tell-tale stand up and hold their lower back for a moment, then straighten slowly… then move… forward…. but don’t let gravity get you going too fast or you won’t be able to stop and then there you are at the bottom of the stairs looking up at the ceiling thinking, “yep, that was the fast way.”  There’s no doubt I feel out of place and I’ll feel more out of place if I do join this haven of healthy living.  No doubt.  But I do belong here.  I’m not the only one struggling, and others here, despite the outward appearance have all their own struggles too.  Even the slimmest, fittest person in this place probably feels a little out of place now and then.

The fact is, moving is not going to get any easier.

Crossfit worked for a while.  The verdict on yoga is still out.  I’ve decided next step is swimming.  And so here I am preparing the way to cannonball into the pool and doggy paddle from end to end of the pool.   When I get tired of doggy paddling, I’ll froggy paddle, maybe just float, maybe run – I can run in a pool.   Do you suppose they’ll let me cannonball?  I better ask before I sign up.  Could be a deal breaker.

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