I finally did it – made up my own word.  Antisomnamnalnocturnology.  It’s a good word. In layperson’s terms, it means – being so tired you can’t keep your eyes open, sit up straight, or speak without slurring, much less think in more than 2-word, subject-verb sentences, and even less think rationally and critically, so you climb into bed, nestle into the memory foam and pillows and close your eyes and do no more than daydream all night.  At best, your brain gets stuck on a song, usually just the chorus, and you think it over and over, which does not equal counting sheep.  At worst, you are going over a list of the things you didn’t get done at work or the things that are pending for the next day, next week, next month, next year… retirement… You can’t open your eyes, read a book to fall asleep, play video games.  Nothing.  You’re awake and not all at the same time.  This is not a condition particular to fibromyalgia.

When you add chronic antisomnamnalnocturnology to fibromyalgia, things sort of spiral out of control.  Standing up can be slightly hazardous.  Stairs are downright hostile.  Brain?  Brain?  Who took the brain?  In addition, you become susceptible to the little creepy crawly things.  Bring on the colds, flus, respiratory infections, even skin outbreaks.  Headaches… Forget about any boxing championships – making a fist is out of the question.  Typing….  Your poor cats can’t massage you without stepping directly through you – plan on bruises.  I can add to the list.  Just figure using your joints, muscles, eyes, brain are out of the question.  At least for awhile.

The cure?  Sleep.  Solid, sleep.  The problem is, antisomnamnalnocturnology + fibromyalgia = pain without movement.  Yep, it means laying in bed trying to sleep while not being able to get comfortable because the sharp shooting pains just happen without warning.  The “white noise” pain is more like microphone feedback.  The brain doesn’t stop.  So wish me luck.  I’ve had several nights of an antisomnamnalnocturnology outbreak.  I have the pain, the brain fog, the respiratory infection.  Now I need to sleep.  Wish me luck.

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