The Blood-Type Diet

I took a look at the blood type diet and must admit, I felt like I was reading a horoscope or something.  According to Dr. D’Adamo, I should avoid crowds of people, loud noise, negative emotions, smoking, strong smells or perfumes, too much sugar and starch, overwork, violent TV and movies, lack of sleep, and extreme weather conditions (hot or cold).  The only thing he was off on was the violent TV and movies.  Anyone who knows me well knows I love a good crime story and good old fashioned horror movies, but really not slasher movies…  Everything else made me hiccough a little bit in surprise.

If looking at my blood type can give that accurate of a personality profile, what can he do with diet?   I can eat carbs and digest them well!  That’s very good news.  I can’t digest and metabolize animal protein and fat.  Vegetarian diet.  Rats.  I love being a carnivore.  Essentially, he says to eat pure, fresh, and organic foods that are in their most natural state.  No processed foods.  I have a sensitive immune system and this will help avoid the development of life-threatening diseases.

Of course, a good diet with plant proteins rather than antibiotic-riddled meat products, and eating fresh, unprocessed foods – that’s going to be good for everybody.  So I looked for a medical article to see if anyone has done any research.  Yep, they have.  The conclusion is that Dr. D’Adamo’s diets are simply good, sensible diets, and yes there is benefit in following them but only because they’re good, sensible diets.  I think they would need to do more testing, however, because you’d have to follow people eating outside their blood type, for example an O eating for a B, to see if there are still benefits or fewer benefits, etc, before really making a determination.  I can’t see that they did that, but I haven’t really read the article thoroughly either.

Still, the personality thing is striking.  Stress is a big factor for type A people.  Makes me start wondering about whether anyone has looked at the blood types of people with fibromyalgia.  Wouldn’t it be funny if we were all type A?  Not too likely, no, but funny.

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