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I know you’re all on the edge of your seat to know that I WILL be going to Nanos tonight.  No, I haven’t been going regularly because of my lower back.  I either have to start exercising again or go to the doctor and see if they’ve perfected that spine transplant I’ve been asking about for several years now.  So far, it’s been a no go, with a slightly puzzled look like “Should I be taking this person seriously? Does she really think that’s a possibility?” I do find it’s best to keep them guessing.

So there are a couple new things on the main website.  They’re more like place markers so far, but next week they should be up and running.  In the Captain’s Log of Tuesdays, I’ve separated the pain/symptom log into “The Relentlessness Chronicle.”  I know that’s a fascinating read for everyone.  I’ve added “The Dietary Diary,” which is the place marker to track diet, and I’ll probably start with my normal weekly diet until I come up with a fibro-conscious diet.  I’ve also added “The Annals of Nanos,” which will track exercise, both in the Silver Nanos Crossfit group and at work or at home.  Since I don’t take any meds for fibro (just a very low-dose antidepressant for depression), I’ll simply track supplements in the Dietary Diet.  That will cover exercise, diet, and meds, and it will cross over in the pain/symptom log to see if there are any correlations.

I know I’m excited.

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