Leaning to the Left

No, this is not a political post, although, yes I have a lot to say in this election year….  This is literal.  Taking my lunch walk today I kept leaning leftward and having to pull myself back to the right side of the walkway.  I didn’t run into anything, and maybe the whole building is actually askew – you know, like a Funhouse.  I tripped on the floor a half a dozen times too, so I suspect it was me.  Nothing like doing an impromptu pirouette in the middle of an office building… several times… Anyway, I’m sure I covered it just fine, and since I wasn’t wearing my glasses, I have no idea if anyone even noticed.

This wasn’t an episode of dizziness or lightheadedness.  This was strictly askew-ness, and very mild, but very persistent.  It’s not the first time it has happened.  Once I tried to knock a hand deodorizer off the wall when the building suddenly shifted left.  Again, it wasn’t a dizzy episode, and I’m not lightheaded when it happens.  There is no perceptible blood pressure or heart rate increase.  The only thing I can say for certain is that these leftward leanings are connected to fatigue and usually mid back pain.  Tripping on the floor is also connected to fatigue and simply not lifting my feet up, although a lot of times it also feels like my feet are wooden stumps clumping along.  I can feel them and control them, but they don’t feel right.  They drag a little and the floor jumps up and bites me.  Again, fatigue is the common denominator in all these things.

When fatigue takes over, I have a tendency to tip or outright fall.  Leftward leaning and tripping on reputedly flat surfaces are signals to slow down, rest, catch up a little on sleep.  I decided after my sixth pirouette in the hallway that I’m not going to Nano-it tonight.  I have to weigh the benefits out again.  So many good things for fibro, so many not-so-good things for back/hips.  Difficult decision to make, but right now, rest is imperative.  So I’ll rest.  After work.

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