A Great Weekend

And so today, I’m walking in to work like a 90-year-old woman with a limp.  I feel like I have a fever with a normal temperature.  I’m on sensory overload.  I don’t see things – they hit me in the face.  My ears are on their last legs – the slightest noise is painful and the constant relentless noise of normal life around me is a cacophonous nightmare.  My skin hurts.  I may have been scalped last night – my scalp hurts.  What’s up with that?  Inside my head hurts too.  My muscles are sore to the point of knotting up if I move wrong, and sometimes when I don’t move. My eyes are on a vacation from clear vision.  I have to check the bottom of my feet to see if Legos have been taped to them.  I have to remember to relax my shoulders or they creep up to cuddle with my ears.  Neck and back are stiff and sore.  I’m exhausted….

I had the best time this weekend.  I’m not regretting it in the least.  And I won’t regret it tomorrow either.

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