Sometimes it helps to stand back and take a look at the big picture before trying to fit another piece into the puzzle.  That way you don’t end up with sky pieces in the ocean.  So I’m going to sort a little before getting out the scissors to make things fit.

  1. The thyroid problem may be the key to other hormone/chemical issues.  I need to step back and study better how hormones work. Garrison (I think) said something about cascading hormone dysfunction.  You fix one problem and other problems fall into line.
  2. Signs versus symptoms.  Up until recently, I didn’t think people with fibromyalgia had signs, only symptoms.  I need to track both and see how they interconnect.
  3. Politics and economics.  I need to figure out why research into fibromyalgia doesn’t seem to be going beyond ineffective drugs and characterizing the disease.

This weekend I stepped away from the quest completely and read a book about Ethyl Rosenberg’s brother, David Greenglass (a very ironic name when you think hard enough about it), who essentially condemned them to death all by himself.  Interesting read, but today I can’t see past the end of my nose.  And in the meantime, the world continues to spin out of control.  Fifty dead in Orlando.  Violence every day elsewhere. Politicians and wannabe politicians spouting PR. Friends taking trips down conspiracy rabbit holes.  I look out the window of the breakroom and see flowers budding under heavy gray skies, and I know, no matter what, the world continues to spin.  There is beauty out there.

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