Lowe Thyroid

“Why do fibromyalgia researchers in general ignore the obvious?  Through more than two decades of involvement in this field, I have learned a list of disreputable reasons: prejudice against the possibility of causative thyroid connection, ignorance of basic and clinical thyroidology, egotistical pursuit of failed pet theories, and corruption through acceptance of judgement-forming grants and other perks from Big Pharma to develop drugs for fibromyalgia that are palliative at best and harmful at worst.”  Dr. John C.Lowe

There are more than 9000 articles about fibromyalgia on PubMed alone.  Most of these are characterizing, describing, categorizing, or theorizing about fibromyalgia.  They all end with the words, “further studies are needed…”  Out of all this morass, I have found only one assertion of a “cure,” and that is from Dr. Lowe.  He says that fibromyalgia is caused by low thyroid levels, inadequate thyroid regulation.  The kicker is that for people with fibromyalgia, their thyroid levels will test as normal.  It’s something I’ve asked – is it possible that higher than normal levels of hormones/chemicals are necessary for some people and could this be connected to fibromyalgia.  My symptoms have caused more than one doctor to test my thyroid levels – always normal and no further treatment.  However, if there are certain classes of drugs that would require me to take higher doses to be effective, why wouldn’t that carry over to hormones?

I wrote an email to Dr. Lowe yesterday.  He died in 2011.  So he probably didn’t get it.  Maybe it’s time to track down his colleagues, look for a study connecting inadequate thyroid regulation and fibromyalgia.  Wish me luck.

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