Getting Lapped

There’s not much more annoying than getting lapped when you’re out for a vigorous walk, especially when that person isn’t working very hard.  Or at least gives off the casual, “I’m not working very hard” aura while zipping by.  It would be better if at least they were unconsciously humming “Staying alive, staying alive, ah, ah, ah, ah, staying aliiiiive….”

Walking is a good way to manage lower levels of pain for people with fibromyalgia.  That’s possibly the one thing everyone agrees on.  It’s challenging though.  The pain relief is cumulative.  You can walk for a couple miles and not feel a darn bit better (probably worse).  But walk a couple miles a day for a few weeks, and the lower level pains will probably be reduced.  Great, but it’s hard to remember that goal when it takes so long to kick in.

It’s likely that speed-walking would have faster benefits for people with fibro.  As I sit here after my lunchtime walk (today 1.2 miles) and my back is continuing to spasm and my feet and hands are swollen and hot, I’m cranky and a little sweaty, and I still feel a lot like I have flu aches – I’m ready to crawl under my desk and sleep – I realize one very important thing.  Last night, after I rowed about 2600 meters and lifted about 17,000 pounds, my muscles were sore immediately after working out, but my hands and feet were not swollen and I didn’t feel like I was coming down with the flu (although I was sweating like a pig that was tossed in a hot lake).  My hands and feet weren’t swollen today until I went for my little walk (and getting lapped).  I’m back to wondering if light exercise is more detrimental than helpful, while extreme exercise (ironically) is more beneficial than detrimental.  If I could speed up the walking, increase the length of my stride, essentially run without running, would that be better in the short term?  And as always – WHY?

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