Northfield Followup

Thank goodness for Leavitt and Katz (see library – later, I’m behind).  It’s so seldom I hear a definitive yes or no, and they supply one!  No, “fibrofog” (possibly my newest favorite word) in NOT the start of dementia of any sort.  No, Alzheimer’s is not setting in.  Forgetting words or where I am or why I am there is not the start of something horrible. According to Leavitt and Katz’s study, the “encoding mechanisms” for people with fibromyalgia are normal.  In other words, we can recall events and stories that are actually encoded into the brain.  So what is the cause for cognitive issues?  I dunno.  I’ll keep looking, but I think it’s out and out distraction.  We get overwhelmed with sensations easily.  If there is a lot of noise or visual “noise,” that is when I get “lost.”  I’m sure it’s the same with solid pain.  When you can only think about how much you hurt, other things slip away.  I’m just relieved to have found the answer to one nagging question.  It doesn’t mean tomorrow or next week I won’t find something directly contradicting this study, but today I’m happy to have seen this one.

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