Today is D-Day.  Back to Crossfit I go.  My fellow Nanos have been at it for the last month, and I’ve been not exercising and eating poorly.  It’s going to be a bit of a disaster, but if I avoid swearing out loud and don’t melt in my own sweat, it will be okay.  I can do this.  My fibro attack is pretty well over, although allergic reactions are still hitting hard, which does trigger pain.  I started walking two miles a day at lunch time, so that will hopefully slow down the reaction to allergic reactions.  Yikes, I’m just a bundle of symptoms and reactions and reactions to symptoms and reactions to reactions.  It’s okay.  I have proven to myself that exercising (more than lightly and a bit more than briskly) does help me feel better.  The problems I was having with my hips (and therefore legs and back) were not exercise related.  In fact, exercising slowed down hip pain so I was able to hold off on shots longer than I have for the last couple of years.

If it sounds like I’m talking myself into going back to Crossfit tonight, I am.  Just because something’s good for you doesn’t mean you like to do it.  I can’t say I enjoy exercising, although extreme exercise is much more interesting and fun than the piddly little light exercises they recommend for fibromyalgia.  However, it is, still, a form of torture for me.  Self-inflicted torture.

I just read an article (not in the library yet, Waylonis, et al) that indicates that people with fibromyalgia are far less likely to have been good in sports as children, but interestingly, more likely to be in sports as an adult.  This is an older article from 1991, but at that time, 17.1% of fibro patients to 54.4% of healthy group were in sports as children, but 64.4% of fibro patient to 39.6% of healthy group were in sports as adults.  That’s very interesting to me.  The percentage of both groups participating in regular exercise as adults is nearly identical, 53.1% to 53.3%.

So wish me luck.  I’m going to need it.  I’ve promised myself a gelato next week over Memorial Day weekend as incentive.  Coconut chocolate chip.  Or Southern Pecan.  Or Mediterranean Mint.  Eyes on the prize, right?

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