Fibro Attack – Update

A quick update on the fibro attack that started about a month and a half ago.  Bottom line: It’s on its way out.  But there are caveats:

  1. I’ve stopped exercise.  There were three reasons to stop: 1) hip pain – I’ve gotten injections that are pretty well healed; 2) fibro pain – this has abated, but my muscles had turned to lead and I was having difficulty with basic everyday functions; 3) lower back pain – this is the last bit that I’m waiting on to start back on my extreme exercise experiment NEXT WEEK.
  2. Food has once more become the enemy.  I blame not exercising.  When I’m exercising it’s a lot easier to eat better, and it eliminates cravings.  So I’ve gained a bit of girth back.  But I’m not too concerned.  I’ll pull it together.
  3. Stress reduction has gone very well.  While I miss my last post a lot, the environment here is peaceful and stress-free.  I need that for awhile.  The stress of leaving and of entering a new place has abated.  My brain is relaxing and concentration is better.

Those are the three things I need to continue to work on.  A fourth that I knew was a problem at my last workplace, but has not been part of the equation since, are outside factors, noise and allergic reactions to chemicals.  On the whole, this will be okay, but I am out of my home environment for a short time while I help a friend out, and there are a few problems in this temporary living space that will be interesting to watch develop – or hopefully not develop.  Headaches are again a factor, as is coughing and lung tightness, and eye discomfort.  The same symptoms I was having in the last workplace.  It will be difficult to gauge any increase in pain that may be related to these stressors since I’m on the tail end of a pretty severe attack, but that’s the next step.  I feel like I’m my own guinea pig.  Except I’m not fluffy.

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