I just discovered my latest posts have not made it to Facebook.  Lucky you, I have remedied the situation.  You haven’t missed much.  I posted a new page under the Chicken and the Egg header discussing which comes first with fibro, pain or brain damage.  The jury is still out.  I can bend my flip-em-the-bird finger again, so my latest fibro attack is settling down.  I plan on getting back to Silver Nanos on May 10.  Since I was having so much hip, back, and leg pain, I got cortisone shots in the bursa in my hips.  That helps more than it’s supposed to, and I’m feeling a big difference already.  The hard part now is not diving in too quickly and undoing the effectiveness of the shots.

It’s time to go on to a different quest after spending too much time in the brain, although I’ll have to return to it, I’m sure.  Going back to chemical imbalances would be worthwhile, metabolic disorders maybe.  However, one of the interesting things that came up during the brain quest was personality disorder and fibromyalgia.  I may take a peek at that – it would be a good chicken/egg question.  If anyone has any ideas, throw them my way…

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