Attack Update

The fibro attack that started a few weeks ago is in full force.  It’s difficult to know for sure how much longer I have to go before things settle down, but I thought I’d record a few observations.

  1.  Last night was the first night I missed Nanos for other than a blizzard.  I’m holding off for a little because the line between hurting and injuring is blurring.  My muscles aren’t bouncing back like they were, aches are lingering longer, hurting worse, and swelling is at a maximum in my joints.
  2. The primary pain is in my hips, legs, and lower back (walking has become more than a challenge).  The one thing that I have been able to do for pain that works on a consistent basis is getting cortisone shots in my hips.  That eases up the bursitis pain, which is quite strong right now, and remarkably also helps the lower back and legs, even though it’s not supposed to.  I’m going to lay low for a week – next week I’ll get the shots – and then I’ll need to let the injections heal for at least a week or more.  Then I’ll be good through the summer at least.  Hopefully with continued muscle strengthening, I will not need the shots as often.
  3. My hands are a mess.  One of the first symptoms I had as a teenager was sore and swollen hands.  I’ve been checked multiple times for arthritis, and I don’t have it.  I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have arthritis in the hands.  My middle flip-em-the-bird finger on my right hand doesn’t completely bend because of swelling, and even the topmost finger joints are sore to the touch.  That’s the finger joint most people aren’t even aware of.  Typing is a challenge at the moment.
  4. Headaches are daily.  These are not the same headaches as I was having in the other office from tobacco residue.  These are coming from my eyes, which are wearing out halfway through the day.  Fatigue usually brings that on.  (I have no lung or throat discomfort in the new office – such a relief.)
  5. Sleep is disrupted with pain in my legs and hips.  I am having regular dreams about not being able to walk because of pain.  Last night I was trying to get treatment for it, but was turned away… twice.  And then I woke up.  The vicious circle comes into play here.  Disrupted sleep is a bit disastrous for pain management for multiple reasons.

On the basic pain scale, white noise pain (low level chronic) is at about a 7.  Sharp shooting pains (now both at rest and in movement) are a solid 9.  On the RELENTLESSNESS scale, I’ve topped it at a 10 for the chronic pain and a 7 for the acute pain.  There is no moment when I don’t feel something, pain or discomfort or fatigue.  It’s like a fog of sensation.  Noises are louder, lights are brighter.  Concentration is at a minimum.

I’m working on a page for the Chicken and the Egg section regarding fibromyalgia and the brain.  Keep an eye open for that….

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