I’ve now counted 33 different chemicals, hormones, enzymes, yada yada, that are somehow out of whack in people with fibromyalgia.  Most of the time, we are deficient in whatever chemical it is, and lucky us, that chemical is intricately related to sensitizing us or exacerbating pain.  I’m working on putting a summary together of these chemicals, which I’m sure will have to be updated as I keep reading through sources (see – eventually – the Sorcerer’s Cauldron).

Adjusting levels of some of these elements are reported as helping fibro patients, but very often at the end of a groundbreaking article, it simply says more research is needed.  My bet is that adjusting just a couple of the 33 chem-horm-enz array is either going to be minimally successful or temporarily successful.  I will argue that my system adjusts itself on a regular basis.  When I find something that helps, my body fights back after a matter of weeks and the help becomes minimal again.

In a world of drugs, vitamins, and supplements, we want to adjust these elements to find a solution to the problem.  Instead, I want to find out what is at the origin of the imbalance. So far I’ve counted six different possible triggers of  fibromyalgia, although it is very difficult (so far) to distinguish whether the triggers cause fibro or simply exacerbate the symptoms.  I’m also working on summarizing some of these ideas (see – eventually – Triggers Without Weapons)….  It’s an unending maze.

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