Slippery Slope

The time has come.  For the first time since starting bootcamp in January, I’m slipping into a fibromyalgia attack.  Considering it has been almost three months without one, I’m doing pretty darn well.  So a checklist – what’s different?

  1. Exercise – Silver Nanos is more strengthening than aerobic, but there is still plenty of aerobic involved.  I haven’t missed any days and I do both squats and push-ups at home.  So, I think movement-wise, I’m okay.
  2. Diet – a bit of sugar has crept into my diet and I’ve allowed whole wheat spaghetti back in.  Yep, skin breaking out too.  So I’ll rein those two things in and concentrate on the high protein/veggie diet I was on before, leaving carbs for the days I have Nanos and Friday nights when I deserve a treat, by golly (feeling deprived never works).
  3. Sleep – I’m sleeping well, about the same, maybe going to sleep a little later.  I’m not waking up refreshed and staying groggy all day.  I’m having hints of dreams where I’m in pain and having difficulty walking, and when I wake I am in pain, which translates into dreams.  Will have to do something about pain management to be sure sleep gets back to restorative.
  4. Stress – I’m switching jobs at the beginning of April, so yep there’s some stress there.

That’s the checklist.  Movement, food, sleep, and stress.  I can improve food and go to sleep a little earlier, do some stress management, keep moving.  This too shall pass…

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