Of all the bits of reading I’ve done, and I know there’s millions more articles to read, one thing that researchers seem to agree on is that people with fibromyalgia are hypersensitive to pain.  That is, after all, the foundation of fibromyalgia, pain with a non-physiological basis.  I’m wondering about general sensitivity, however.  There are times I’m overwhelmed by sights, sounds, smells, seemingly more so than the people around me experiencing the same sensations.  Being in a crowd of people doesn’t make me wig out for fear of people or germs, but for the crush and noise.  After a time I can’t differentiate between faces and sounds, and there is a strong need to retreat.

Noise is perhaps the biggest problem.  As I sit in the cafeteria at work, there is a table full of nurses and techs talking to my left, another table full of nurses laughing across the room, two maintenance workers discussing the weekend to my right, several other pairs of people preparing for time-change Monday.  There is a radio playing overhead – crappy pop music, but not loud.  There are two ice machines, a low buzz of air circulation, people walking by. There isn’t a moment not filled with a sound.  I haven’t even started work and I’m overwhelmed with sound.

Yep, I’m probably just crazy and it’s easier to blame fibromyalgia than talk the good folks in the psych ward into a quiet padded cell, but I am wondering about other people’s experiences, whether the hypersensitivity extends to all senses.  Something to check out.

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