I found an article from Brain Sciences called “Exercise Strengthens Central Nervous System Modulation of Pain in Fibromyalgia.”  I haven’t read it yet.  That’s today’s chore, but here’s what I think…  Exercise can both relieve and exacerbate fibromyalgia pain.  Some exercises, like pool exercises, feel tremendous when I am doing them, but afterwards I get knocked silly, flat on my butt with an extreme increase in the “white noise,” low level, chronic pain, and fatigue spikes.  Walking reduces the “white noise” pain on the whole, but the sharp, acute pain increases.  Some days walking is very difficult, more difficult than it should be.  But without a doubt NO exercise exacerbates fibro pain many times over.  People with fibromyalgia have to keeping moving.  Absolutely.  Finding the right level of exercise is tricky, however.

Personally, I hate exercise.  It’s boring and it hurts.  I’ve never been athletic (with the exception of being in a Big 10 Marching Band in high school).  I’ve always felt awkward and weak, and the idea of exercising in front of people has always been horrifying.  So I joined a bootcamp this last winter.  I’m doing extreme exercises, wanting to die or throw up or pass out most nights, working out in front of a group of people and trainers, doing things I’ve never done or haven’t done in years (like burpees), and for the first time ever, I have had a noticeable difference in the way I feel.  It’s the exact opposite of pretty much anything a doctor has ever told me to do, it is definitely not geared toward people with chronic pain, and it’s working.  Doesn’t make sense, so I’m going to figure out why it is.

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